After the Christchurch Earthquake of 2011 the club decided to focus our support on local projects. By 2018 we changed focus to again support our pacific friends.
2019 Glass Bottle Crusher - Using our club member Tina family connection with Santo Rotary club in Vanuatu we purchased a locally manufactured glass bottle crusher to be sent to the Aore Island to reduce glass waste. The GL Sand crusher made by Expleco runs on 240V electric motor.
2020 School Window Shutters - Club member Tina via she local connect meet Sue and David from Pacific Pathways and a great link was created. 
From Sue - When Cyclone Harold hit Vanuatu in April 2020 we along with alot of other support helped in after mouth. Pacific Pathways would like to take this moment to thank our donors. It is with your support that we have been able to help the families on Aore with our ‘Families First’ initiative : Rotary NZ WCS Rotary Clubs: Nelson West/ Christchurch : Avonhead/ Sunrise All the donors through: Give A Little NZ and Jim Aitken’s ‘Go Fund Me’ in Australia. Locally in Vanuatu: Santo Hardware & our Family & Friends in NZ, Australia & Vanuatu.
From Sue - April 6th 2021 – it is 12 months since tropical cyclone Harold caused major devastation across Vanuatu. The eye of the cyclone tracked across Aore Island causing major damage to the communities, houses and gardens. It has been a difficult year but the communities are recovery and rebuilding slowly. Today I visited the Aore Primary School to talk to the pikinini about the new shutters for the school building. The school stood strong through the category 5 cyclone, but it did not have shutters, so the communities sheltered in the abandoned USA bunkers. With a generous donation from: The Christchurch Sunrise Rotary Club and our friends who have lived on Aore and helped at the school: Jess, Brendan, Reid and Roam, Pacific Pathways have made eco-plywood shutters so the school is now a safe building to shelter in. A photo of the pikinini today so they could say big “Tank yu Tumas” to our donors for helping to make the school a strong safe building.
May 2021 Wuro Kindy Water Tank - After that project we partnered with Sue and David from Pacific Pathways to use their expertise to help achieve great results. May 2021 we supported the Wuro Kindy water tank. 
August 2022 School Books Container - Sue and David had a container of School Books and other equipment but lacked the funds to ship it over to where it was needed must. We were happy to provide the money to make it happen.
From Sue  Recycle and Relocate with a Renewed purchase: 'Helping Lift the Literacy Levels' in the schools in Vanuatu! Our container has arrived in Luganville with over 8,000 books for the schools in the Sanma Province and it just happened to be " 'World Literacy Day' on Thursday, so very timely.
The books and educational resources were donated. The National Library, the school book distribution centre donated over 5,000 books, as well as Christchurch City Library & Primary Schools in Christchurch: books/school journals/desk/chairs
A 'big shout out' and thank you to : National Library, Christchurch City Library, Gilberthorpe Primary School, Raparoa Primary School, Riccarton Primary School, Elmwood Primary School, Hillview Christian Primary School, New Brighton Catholic Primary. Also thankyou to Christchurch Rotary Club Sunrise, Nelson West Rotary Club & NDPL Shipping for your generous donations to help make this all possible. "Tankyu Tumas" from the MOET & Teachers & the pikinini of Vanuatu 🥰